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LVL Bed Slats: Strong, Stable, and Supportive Platform for Your Mattress

LVL Bed Slat 1.Variety of wood options Poplar, Birch, Beech etc. bed slats are available. 2.Variety of appearance options Wood Veneers (burlywood color, bleached), paper etc. 3. Special Customizing Special-shaped bed slat can be customized 4. Quality stability LVL bed slat has low moisture content and smooth surface, uneasy to become mildewed, and uneasy to wrap.
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LVL Bed Slats: Strong, Stable, and Supportive Platform for Your Mattress

Are you looking for a reliable and long-lasting foundation for your platform bed? Look no further than LVL bed slats! Made from laminated veneer lumber (LVL), these slats offer a unique combination of strength, stability, and eco-friendliness.

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What are LVL Bed Slats?

LVL bed slats are constructed from thin layers of wood veneer glued together under heat and pressure. This innovative process creates a remarkably strong and durable material that surpasses solid wood in several ways.


Benefits of LVL Bed Slats:

  • Unmatched Strength: The layered construction of LVL slats makes them highly resistant to bending and breaking, ensuring they can support significant weight without warping or sagging.

  • Superior Stability: Unlike solid wood slats that can warp over time, LVL slats maintain their shape, providing consistent and reliable support for your mattress night after after night.

  • Enhanced Comfort: Birch LVL curved slats offer increased surface area and flexibility, conforming to your body and distributing weight evenly for a more comfortable sleep experience.

  • Reduced Back Pain: The gentle curvature of birch LVL slats can provide additional support for your back and joints, potentially alleviating discomfort for those suffering from back pain.

  • Eco-Friendly Choice: LVL slats utilize fast-growing trees and minimize wood waste, making them a sustainable alternative to traditional wood slats.

  • Easy Customization: We offer a variety of wood options like poplar, birch, and beech, along with different finishes and thicknesses to perfectly match your bed frame and style.


Why Choose Us?

As a leading manufacturer of LVL bed slats, we offer:

  • Customizable Sizes and Shapes: We can create bed slats in various lengths, widths, and even special shapes to fit your specific needs.

  • Unwavering Quality: Our two-step quality control process ensures consistent product excellence with exceptional moisture control and a smooth, defect-free finish.

  • Fast Delivery: We can deliver your order within 15 days of confirmation, so you can experience the comfort and support of LVL slats in no time.

Upgrade your sleep experience with LVL bed slats! Contact us today to discuss your requirements and receive a free quote.







We can customize the length and width of the bed slats according to your needs.

Name: All poplar/birch whole core LVL bed slats

LVL Bed Slat

  • Variety of wood options: You can choose from different types of wood for the bed slats, such as poplar, birch, beech, etc.

  • Variety of appearance options: You can also choose from different finishes for the bed slats, such as wood veneers (natural or bleached) or paper.

  • Special customizing: We can make special-shaped bed slats to fit your bed frame.

  • Quality stability: LVL bed slats have low moisture content and smooth surface, which makes them resistant to mold and warping.


  • Face/back: Poplar/Birch

  • Grade: With poplar BB/CC or without face and backer

  • Core: Poplar /birch

  • Glue: E2, E1, E0

  • Size: 50X1030MM, 1220X2440mm, 915X1830mm, 915X2135mm or other special sizes.

  • Thickness: 18mm and 19mm


  • Quality: We use a two-step process to ensure no discolorations, good sanding, no defects, and good moisture control. The moisture content is around 12%, which is suitable for furniture use or decorations.

  • Packing: We wrap the bed slats with plastic bag and PVC/steel tape for inner packing.

  • Price terms: FOB, CNF or CIF

  • Payment terms: T/T or L/C at sight

  • MOQ: 1X20’container

  • Load capacity: 20’Container 8crates 21M3, 40’HQ 18crates 50M3

  • Samples: We can provide samples upon request.

  • Delivery times: We can deliver the order within 15 days after confirmation.

Benefits of LVL bed slats:

  • Strength: LVL bed slats are made by laminating thin layers of wood veneers together, which creates a strong and durable material that can support the weight of a mattress and the sleeper(s).

  • Stability: LVL bed slats are less likely to warp or bend than solid wood slats, because they are made from layers of wood that are glued together. This means that the bed slats will stay flat and provide consistent support over time.

  • Consistency: LVL bed slats are manufactured to precise specifications, which means that each bed slat will have the same strength and thickness. This results in a more uniform level of support for the mattress.

  • Sustainability: LVL bed slats are made from fast-growing trees and use a process that reduces waste. This makes them a more eco-friendly option than solid wood slats.

In conclusion, LVL bed slats provide a strong, stable, and consistent support for the mattress and are a more sustainable option compared to other types of bed slats.



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